Tim Holloway

Performance. Reliability. Security. Quality.

There is a widespread belief that computer software is so simple a child could do it.

This is false. First aid is so simple a child can do it. That doesn't mean it's wise to call in a child if you need a liver transplant.

Despite all the fancy methodologies and fancy tools, quality computer systems require more than automated code generators and unskilled labor, and they cannot be produced overnight. Just like any other product, it takes training, it takes skill, and it takes time to produce quality.

Quality is my obsession. You can get pretty products from a lot of places. You can get cheap products from a lot of places. From me you get products that perform. Consulting


About me

My specialty is complex systems where high performance and high reliability are essential. I have a long history in the design and implementation of mission-critical architectures, having done everything from OS-level systems programming for IBM’s mainframe OS’s to device-drivers for Microsoft Windows. I have done quite a bit of work with specialized hardware over the years, including process controllers, home automation, and video hardware.

These days, I mostly do J2EE under Solaris, Linux and Microsoft Windows, but I also keep a copy of OS/MVS running (never can tell when we may need a COBOL compile done!). Also I play with Android when time permits.

I’m one of the moderators (“bartenders”) at the JavaRanch Big Moose Saloon – a place where Java people can go and ask stupid questions without getting their backsides flamed off.

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My Blog is where I record what I discovered while working that shouldn't have taken so long to discover. So there's a lot of whining there as well. It's Things I wish I'd Known Earlier (but learned the hard way.